CJ Peltz Fine Art Sculpture
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  Artist Statement

CJ Peltz is a figurative sculptor and fine artist from the Pacific Northwest. His figurative works blend the traditional graceful figure with contemporary and abstract design.  For CJ, every work of art has to have some striking and unique feature about it.  He starts with the figure and then weaves the design with that figure to create something more. 

The integration of representational figures with unconventional abstract settings, makes his work unique and not easily categorized in typical figurative and abstract classifications.   

He feels that art is a projection of life filtered through the artist’s mind.  CJ bends that projection of life using his imagination and heart. 

  About the Artist

CJ is a figurative sculptor residing and working in the Pacific Northwest. As the only child of an engineer and an artist, he grew up being an artist taught by his mother, who was an oil painter. He then took a 25 year break to become a successful computer engineer. Now he has continued his life's journey to become a fine artist and sculptor. 

CJ's work is always figurative in nature, often human figures, occasionally animals. Although his recent work has been figurative sculpture where realism is blended with abstract settings. CJ also creates two dimensional work in the form of fine art abstract/figurative collages and encaustic paintings. In all his work he strives to accentuate the beautiful curves of the figure. 

CJ's work resides in homes and businesses across the country. His work has appeared in many shows and publications and has won multiple awards both locally and nationally. 

 Contact Information

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